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Art Appreciation Course


Art CourseThe art scene in Asia will undoubtedly continue to boom despite suffering a bump in the 08‐09 global crises. It has always been the dream of the Singapore government and certainly all Asian economies to bring up the arts and the appreciation of the creative humanitarian in order to boost the sophistication levels, lifestyle and to promote a gracious and loving society.

The Stamford Management Group has always held the belief in the power of the Arts and has been promoting art appreciation at the fore. In 2007 she helped one of her Family Office clients set up a highly successful Contemporary Art Fund, showcasing one of the most impressive Art Event in Singapore. The phenomenal “A is for Andy’ was a deliberate private public showcase of the Iconic works of Andy Warhol with no less than a 100 art pieces worth well over US$18 million for show and auction at the 7000 sq ft Rice Warehouse venue of the Necessary Stage. Private Wealth Clients, Investment Bankers, Captains of industry and well heeled clientele attended the private event on the first 2 days. However 5 of the 7 full day event was dedicated to the public viewing in order to avail these works of art to the general public and especially the school children. Done with sponsorship by SC Global and Ferrari/ Maserati Singapore (featuring the launch of the Maserati GT), it was arguably the best independent solo art event in Singapore which till today is still talked about in blogs.

The Academy today have the current pursuits that we hope to bring to Asia to benefit the education of Art and art investing to those with an interest and to create such an affinity to art and the art scene.

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