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Privacy Policy

The material on this site is made available to you by Stamford Wealth Academy [SWA], a subsidiary of Stamford Privee (Singapore) Pte Ltd. The material on this site is subject to the terms and conditions specified below and by entering the site you confirm you have read, understood and accept such terms and conditions.

1. SWA solely owns the copyright of this Website and its contents. No part of the contents of this Website may be circulated, distributed, and framed, hyperlinked, sold, modified, stored, or transmitted in any means without the prior written permission of SWA. However, you may view and print an electronic copy for personal, non-commercial purposes, provided that you do not modify the copy and retain the copyright notice.

2. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information on this website is accurate, SWA, its directors, officers, agents or employees accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness or use of, nor any liability to update, any information or material (whether fact or opinion) provided on or accessible through this internet web site, or for any loss or damage suffered by any person acting in reliance upon any such information. The information is provided “as is” with no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied. (The exclusion of implied warranties is subject to limitation by law in certain jurisdictions and may not apply in such cases.)

3. SWA collects information from you when you register as a candidate or participant of SWA, or through any communication or service rendered or offered by SWA. For your convenience, we may present data that you have previously provided to us. This will speed up transactions. If any of your personally identifiable information changes please e-mail us accordingly via

4. SWA deploys appropriate security technologies to safeguard your personal data against unauthorised access, misuse, disclosure, copying, alteration, accidental loss, theft, damage and destruction.

5. The accuracy of all information depends to a large extent on the information which you provide to us. Hence, we encourage you to:
• let us know if there is any error in the information of your personal particulars; and
• keep us up to date with any change to your personal particulars, such as your contact number, e-mail, mailing or postal address and others.

If you find that any personal information which we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, please contact SWA to have it corrected or updated in our system record.

6. The information on this website or any of the courses offered is not intended and should not be construed as or relied upon as legal, tax or investment advice. Any person considering any investment as a consequence of reviewing the information on this website or subject matters taught in any of the courses should consult such advisers as they deem appropriate in relation to the investment of any asset class, legal, tax and accounting practices of the various jurisdictions as it applies.

7. This website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than SWA. Such hyperlinks are provided for your convenient reference only. SWA does not control such websites, and is not responsible for their contents. Hyperlinks to such websites do not imply any endorsement by SWA of the material on such websites or the existence of any association with their operators.